Thursday, July 19, 2007

Emraan: I hate Mallika Sherawat


Surfer: Your favourite role and film to date?
“Since Awarapan has just released, I would says Awarapan. Go watch the film!”
Surfer: Is there any rivalry against Himesh Reshammiya and you? Is that why your films are also released together?
“Not quite. It’s just a co-incidence that our films (Awarapan and Aap Ka Surroor) released on the same day. But I do wish that mine fares better than his.”
Surfer: When did you first realize that you wanted to become an actor?
“Probably when I was shooting for Zeher. It’s not until my third film, that I knew I wanted to be an actor.”


Surfer: How can you think that Himesh copies your style?
“I don’t. Do you ever see me wear a cap? Then how can I think he’s copying me? But yes, he has a song ‘Ya Ali’ in his film, and I also have featured in a song ‘Ya Ali’ a long time ago.”
Surfer: If not an actor, what would you have been?
“A pilot, probably.”
Surfer: Tell us something about the off-screen Emraan Hashmi…
“I’m a very simple person but I am very moody.

Surfer: Which is your next release?
“There are two – Jannat, in which I play a bookie and Raaz 2, in which I play the ghost.”
Surfer: Why are you growing your hair when the other actors are chopping theirs off?
“That’s exactly why I am growing my hair, because the others are chopping theirs off.”
Surfer: Do you like it when fans come and wave out at you when you are shooting?
“Yes, I love it, especially female fans.”

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