Friday, July 20, 2007

Monica going to Bollywood - Times of India

Never mind Abu Salem, filmmakers would cast the jailbird if she suited their roles.

American celebutante Paris Hilton's jail term created a frenzy as to what she would do next. Well, the jailbird turned songbird soon after and has a flourishing future ahead in fashion. Closer home, former Bollywood starlet and Abu Salem's girlfriend , Monica Bedi wasn't met with any such offers after being acquitted by a Bhopal court in a fake passport case. However, she announced that she would love to return to films. We asked Bollywood whether her infamy would do her fledgling Bollywood career any good and would they cast her in their films...
Meghna Gulzar -
I would cast an actor for their acting
Anil Sharma -
When I cast an actor , it's according to the suitability of the character. Monica wants to work so she will get work regardless of her infamy or fame. We will look at her from the perspeccapabilities , not because they came out of prison. tive of an artist.
Vipul Shah -
As far as casting is concerned, it depends on the merit of the role. And that only my script can decide. Only when people have sympathy for certain actors like Salman Khan -who genuinely enjoys the love of the audience and they know the good side of him - does the actor gain from all the trouble he gets in. It doesn't work for everybody though.


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