Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bombay to Goa - New Taste :)



Star Cast
Asrani, Jagdeep
Shakti Kapoor
Tinnu Anand
Sudhir Pandey
Deepak Shirke
Viju Khote
Mac Mohan
Sunil Pal
Raju Srivastav
Ehsaan Quereshi
Raj Pendurkar
Humayu Rangilla


Most of the actors in the film are vetereneans..They might not been seen on the ‘big picture’ but all of them are very well recognizes in the T.V. circuit or are very well known theatre personality. They have established themselves very well as quality actors. Some of them are in the film circuit for more than 30 yrs of experience...Some of the vetereneans to be named are:-
and others who are not only successful but have tremendous potential as acting have done their job excellently.. .’On the whole, the team had an very beautiful relation with each other and had a gala of a time while shooting’

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